Assembly by Agni House on Demonetization

A special assembly was organized in DPSG SL on DEMONITIZATION by the students of Agni house on 31st July 2017 ( Monday ) . The assembly started with the  beautiful thought followed by the national and international news.

The students of  Agni house presented a beautiful skit showing how Demonitization affected the common man of the nation and how every citizen of the nation dealt with the situation. The play started with the breaking news of banning the 500 rupee notes all over the nation and how people dealt with such a difficult situation. The play also showed how some people also took advantage of the situation by selling goods at higher rates.

In the end the play tried to put light on some of the reasons behind this decision of demonitizing the nation.

The play came to end with the entry of Lord Krishna to show the light of wisdom and how our own actions backfire and come back to us in this world.

The interesting fact about the play was that the students presented the play without using any microphones , apart from this eight duffs and one PT drum was played by the students of the house , enhancing the beauty of the play.

Overall the assembly along with the play was very well presented by the students of Agni house and was enjoyed by the audience.