Visit to 'Fitness first' Gym

DPSGSL students of physical education had the privilege of visiting the 'Fitness first' gym on 17th august 2017. Mr Amit Chhikara, the senior trainer guided through the gym. He showed all the equipment and imparted knowledge about their uses. He updated us with all the changes that have happened till date regarding the fitness of a person in a gym. He made us aware that gym is not only about body building but also about our healthy mind and body. 

After gym visit students got aware about how to improve cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscular endurance, flexibility and muscular strength.

They also got to know about

  •          Cardio machine
  •          Treadmills
  •          bike
  •          Verio (cross trainer)
  •          Rowing machine
  •          Stepper
  •          Strength training machines for all body parts
  •          group class studio
  •          Main studio
  •          Cycling studio
  •          Free Weight Area
  •          Kinesis Station (Combination Of Conventional Strength Training +Functional Training).

Overall it was a learning experience for the students.