Goal Setting Workshop

In order to take DPSG schools to next level of excellence, the systems and processes for personalized goal setting and review has been formalized.  Students are encouraged to set goals for themselves at the beginning of academic session and strive towards achieving it with the constant support of parents and school community

The workshop for DPSG teachers was conducted at DPSG, PV on 5th August 2017. All the teachers attended the workshop with an enthusiasm. The resource person Ms Mugdha Sharma started the workshop with the introduction of Goal setting and its features. She also explained the importance of Goal setting. The steps involved in the Goal Setting Exercise were explained by her in brief. Meaning of SMART Goals and guidelines for filling them was also explained by her. Then teachers were divided in to various groups and they were assigned a task. Various steps involved in the goal setting exercise were depicted through role plays. Then there was a discussion round. Teachers gave their feedback and cleared their doubts. Overall, it was a new learning and enriching experience for everyone.