Visit To National Science Centre VII-IX

To bring science to life for the students of class VIII and IX, a study tour was organized on   27th  April 2017. The students visited the National Science Centre accompanied by their teachers. The National Science Centre has various galleries that showcase subjects such as ‘Our Science and Technology Heritage’, ‘Human Biology’ to name a few. 

In the ‘Human Biology’ gallery, students saw all the aspects of a human body. From this gallery students, came down to an exciting gallery of the prehistoric life, featuring a number of life-sized and scaled animated robotic models of Dinosaurs and other long-extinct creatures in their natural ambiance. 

The gallery which was liked the most was ‘FUN with Science’ because this is full of hands – on exhibits explaining the fundamentals of science.

Students also saw an exhibition on water – The Elixir of Life, which is aimed at creating awareness about conservation and importance of water. This gallery exhibits various issues related to water like the water cycle, water on different continents, water in one’s body, water treatment plants, water conserving devices and properties of water etc. 

Overall, it was an extremely informative trip and a learning experience for all.