To enhance the logical thinking and numerical ability of the students, an Inter-House Mathematics quiz was held in the school for classes III – V on 26th July. Three students from each house (one from each class) participated in the Quiz. There were four rounds in the quiz. Round 1 consisted of questions based on Mathematical Reasoning, Round 2 was based on Everyday Mathematics, Round 3 had problems based on Logical Reasoning and Round 4 was Rapid Fire round. In all the rounds students were very enthusiastic. Few questions were answered by audience also. The event was an enjoyable and learning experience for all.

Kaveri house scored highest marks and got the first position. Second position was held by Yamuna house and third and fourth positions were held by Ganga and Saraswati house . The names of the participants are as follows:

1. Kaveri House – First position – Saatvik ( III), Prerna ( IV), Rudra ( V)
2. Yamuna House – Second Position – Hiya ( III ), Vanshika ( I V), Harsh ( V)
3. Ganga House – Third Position – Ira ( III), Arin ( IV) , Sanisha ( V)
4. Saraswati House – Fourth Position – Anya ( III), Jay ( IV), Nitya ( V)