Are Anti-Smoking Ads Effective?

I think smoking ads will not persuade most of the people to stop smoking. Because:

“If smokers think about how their life is now and how it can be in the future I think they will want better for themselves”

Nobody thinks like this.

I have seen many anti-smoking ads, and yes, these ads are a bit intimidating, however, the truth is revealed to give a reality check, but only for a moment.

These anti-smoking ads are everywhere, in the newspaper, on posters on the walls, in the train, buses, tv, commercials, news, everywhere. You name it. It is repeatedly showing what and how it kills e person, slow and poisonous death.

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People often see these ads and understand how smoking can affect their health and life. But little do they take any action against it. Ads have added knowledge unconsciously but smokers still will not step towards quitting unless they find a reason to quit so they keep on changing the channel whenever such ads come up.

Everyone knows, smoking cigarettes is so harmful not only for the smokers but, to the second-hand smokers, or passive smokers as they are being called as, still smokers puff cigarettes with no care about their dear ones.

What anti-smoking ads tell us and we ignore it, diligently?

  • Smoking is addicted, it stains teeth, giving a lot of mouth disease and irritation, which slowly leads to a throat cancer.
  • Smokers invest so much money in buying cigarettes, however, that money can be used elsewhere which will be productive and in need of.
  • A lot of smokers failed to realize that its addiction. It starts from likeness, and then becomes a craving/urge to smoke, becoming a daily routine – from smoking in the restroom to waking up with your morning cigarette like if it’s a mere cup of coffee.

Anti-smoking adsEveryone has their reasons of smoking no matter how much the ads prove or how many family members or friends some people smoke to release stress or tension some people do it to feel better about the pain they might be in. Some smoke to look cool even when though they know the dangers associated with it. But smoking becomes so addictive that a smoker will be smoking for any reason or no reason at all their body gets used to the smoking.

Antismoking ads are an attempt to aware people against smoking. Anti-smoking ads are not effective in most of the cases because of all the smokers in the world don’t pay attention to these threatening ads anyway.

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*This article is contributed by Ms. Shobha Chauhan, Assistant teacher teaching Social science and Mathematics. She loves watching documentaries and playing volleyball and badminton. In her free times, she loves to dance, sing and paint as well. 

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