‘People Are Wasting So Much Time & Money On The Boards Examination’

Recently we all discovered about the leakage of board papers of classes X and XII. The papers were circulated on the social-media, days or hours before the examination. It is quite shocking to see that, and people are wasting so much time, money and efforts to perpetrate such a crime. Despite so several actions taken by the government, security of board examination paper is not ensured and the ones to circulate these papers are no other than teachers, tutors, and board members. The non-deserving candidates may earn marks by leaking papers and cheating on boards but it leads to the de-motivation in those who endeavor to achieve something big in life. They lose their will to study and score, and the non-deserving ones become the holders of great opportunities. The government must take some very strict actions as crimes like this should not go unnoticed and must be punished. Measures must be taken to improve security and people must be made aware of the consequences of committing such sins. A change in the outlook of the students and their parents towards the “boards examination” can help improve the situation to some extent.


This write-up is contributed by Ms. Khushi Kumar, a student of class XII.


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