‘Immodest Deed Must Be Dealt With Strict Punishment By The CBSE ‘


The decision of CBSE to conduct a re-examination of class 10th Math and class 12th Economics is obviously right. If any person performs some improper act, it is the duty of CBSE to make all the things right and this is what the decision of CBSE has shown. With this decision, assessment of the students will be fair. Those who have cheated will get the rightful marks and those who have worked really hard will definitely pass with flying colors. But on the other side, CBSE should also ensure that this kind of thing must never happen again. They should upgrade their security system and ensure that those who do this kind of immodest deed must be dealt with strict punishment. I believe students must stand by with CBSE in their decision as this will make their future bright.

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This write-up is contributed by our student, Siddharth Agarwal from STD XII. 

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