Cheating Is Thoroughly Unfair, and CBSE Must Go Ahead With Reexamination


We all know and we understand how life doesn’t depend on exams. However, it very well depends on how much knowledge you have. If one is hardworking and honest, he should not be afraid of life’s storms and the challenges.

Yes, cheating is thoroughly unfair. Indeed it is. CBSE, along with everyone, has all the rights to raise voice against it. Students should understand that whatever has happened was totally evil and unjust. So, re-examination should be conducted.

It is totally acceptable to us – The Students. We all should understand that marks don’t matter. But cheating will not deflect anyone from his goal. If one really wants to stay happy in his whole life then he/she has to be just honest and hardworking.

I support the reexamination of the CBSE boards 2017-2018.


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This article is contributed by a student, Saiful of class XII. 

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