Do Schools Provide Students With Enough Opportunities to Be Creative?



With the increasing pressure on the schools to prepare the students for their overall development, schools are making sure these days to provide a creative environment in their education system for the students. A school is a place of creativity where students can learn and express themselves. It is a place where the mind can grow and become a powerful tool for research, understand and learning. But, it is very difficult to change the Indian Education System, where assessing the students on the basis of marks is the ultimate criteria for judging a child. Whatever changes we try to make or initiate the changes in the system at primary level also, ultimately the child has to appear for the board exams, where he or she would be assessed on the basis of marks. 

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However, at primary level schools, these days are moving towards making the education system more fascinating and innovative for the child. Schools are instilled with smart classes, creative soft boards, 3-D labs etc. To make the subject or the class interesting teachers make immense efforts to use creative teaching aids, classroom fun learning activities, colorful worksheets etc. Students love doing all these things in the classroom. But, this works till primary level ultimately our system doesn’t allow us to work creatively.

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This is the problem which Indians are facing because of our education system. We want to develop critical thinking skills amongst our children, but our system judges them on the basis of what they wrote on the day of the examination. Schools are creating the creative environment for the children, but ultimately they also assess them on the basis of the marks to promote them. Why can’t we accept the system of open and free learning? Students should not be judged on the basis of rubrics, which are set by the teachers. Each child has the right to learn at its own pace and schools should be providing the creative environment and should also make sure that they give enough opportunities to each child.


This article is contributed by Ms. Akanksshaa Srivastav, holding a masters degree in English and Political science, having 12 years of experience in the field of teaching English. She has also been training aspirants of IELTS and TOEFL as an English Language Trainer. She is a person of wider prospects who believe in the veracity of life. Hence writing became a passion and teaching became a choice for her. 

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