Food for life, Value for Relations – By Akanksha Srivastava



It is said, “Motivation doesn’t last, so does bathing. That is why it is recommended every day”.

We often complain about our relationship that they aren’t working anymore. It doesn’t have that charm the way it had earlier. Right!?

Have you ever seen a plant which is watered once and stayed green forever? Or a mobile that is charged when purchased and the battery worked forever? It never happens. So, if plants need water, a mobile phone needs to be charged and we need food at regular intervals then why not our relations. Why do we expect so much on flashback grounds?

Our loved ones, our relations need that food of love to stay green otherwise? It isn’t once and for all always. The dose of love manure is required after short intervals of time. Spending quality time together, little appreciation, heartfelt thanks, a tight hug, a word of love will not only make you and the others feel great but the value you show to your relation, rejuvenate it.

The way nature becomes fresher, greener and even more beautiful (although it already is) after a nice rain, similarly the occasional love shower adorns the relationship. It really is worth trying.

People say that “love is to feel; not to express”. I object.  What’s wrong in expressing? It is like, “what is the need of writing an exam and prove it to others when I know that I know.” But we do write. We show that we know. And even though we know, the word of appreciation, the honor we receive when we score brilliantly, make us feel great.

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Everyone loves his parents, spouse, children, friends etc. It’s no hidden secret, still, you feel happy every time they say they love you even when you know they do, you are filled with gratitude when they do something for you even when you know it’s their duty. These expressions are like the magnetic charge of sensitivity that needs to be generated. It strengthens the bond even stronger. It’s a great feeling to have someone to love and to be loved. It’s ironical that we have plenty of money but we’re short with expression. Just think, what if you did not have the people you have? They are special, so make them feel special. You are blessed to have them. Everyone has gems of persons in their life’s treasure box. Open yours and find some. It does miracles.


This blog is written by Ms. Akanksha Srivastava, PGT with DPSG Sushant Lok. An experienced teacher, she is also a trainer to the students aspiring for TOEFL and IELTS. She has also been associated with many newspapers like Rashtriya Sahara and Dainik Jahaan and magazines as a freelance writer.

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  1. aastha says:

    Beautifully written-I could feel every line while reading.
    Thanks for writing such a wonderful article DPSG Team

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