How A DPSG Student Should Beat Stress During Board Examinations?

Board exams are here. Next step is to prepare for JEE and NEET exams which will knock your door soon. It is obvious that students get stressed during exams. While this is something very common, you should keep certain tips in mind to deal with the board examination stress. Have a look at few of them:-


Prepare for the exams before you start worrying about the topics which you have not covered. Make a time table. You should get involved in other activities along with studying.


Say a big “no” to MUGGING UP. Try to understand them. Check out the videos on YOUTUBE to understand the concepts, especially if you are a student of SCIENCE. You can find many good lectures in different topics.


Handy notes are very helpful. You can write short notes/keyword-related topics as you will get more marks if you use specific terms.


Divide a chapter into diagrams, infographics, structure description and different sub-topics. It will help you get a better understanding of the chapter.


Try to complete as many sample papers as you can. You will get a thorough knowledge of the particular topics. Furthermore, you will get to know whether you are not confident of any skill based questions or any other question type.


If there is any topic which you have failed to understand or it seems complicated to you, teach it to your classmates. It will improve your understanding.

Good luck CHAMPIONS!!

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