How Does Your School Deal With A Student Who Misbehaves?

troubleTrouble in a student’s life is what makes their childhood complete. But these troubles must be good ones, not the one which affects someone in the life. It doesn’t matter what school you go to, students have this habit of getting into trouble. Either they get into a fight or get caught cheating.

Students often pull pranks on others, and these days the pranks are more about rage and comfort than just for the fun.

What the generation is mostly doing is disrespecting a teacher or a fellow student.

What happens next?

Students of the 21st century are different, unlike from what the earlier generations were. Today, they have access to everything in life, with the world which is full of technology children find everything easy. Television, internet, mobiles, tablets, etc. have given them access to a not only sense of freedom but also to express, behave in whatever manner they want to. Violence, misbehavior, fighting, harassing classmates, verbal insults, rudeness towards the teacher, disobedience, and aggression are the common behavioral patterns which are observed in the classes.

It is becoming nearly impossible to deal with the behavior of the children.

However, schools are trying their best to deal with the classroom behavior.

How does our school deal with a student who gets in trouble or misbehaves?

DPSG Sushant Lok has teachers who take care of the behavioral pattern of each child in the class.

  • Each class teacher observes and keeps the record of the behavior of every child.
  • All teacher make a personal bonding with all kids.
  • If any student does any kind of inadequate behavior in the class, then the teacher firstly ask the child about the problem, make him understand and then the basic behavioral rules about life are explained to the child with reference to real life experiences.
  • We, as teachers, make sure that whatever the behavior pattern of the child is no teacher will react in a negative manner towards the child. For this, there are sessions for the teachers to understand the psychology and the behavior pattern of the child and how to handle in basic classroom misbehavior.

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In our school, we have created a comfortable environment wherein each child has the freedom to talk and discuss his concerns with the teacher. These sessions are not only for the teachers but basic workshops during regular working days are conducted for the children about the social behavior pattern.

If the child is continuously disobedient for that we have the counselors who observe the child in the classroom and outside and then work accordingly for the betterment of behavior. School has set rules, and make sure that every single child of the school gets the equal attention.

Abusive behavior, beating, shouting etc., are a basic behavioral issue which comes with the particular age but while growing up slowly the behavior is calmed down and then each child start focussing towards its career. But, this is the crucial time to understand the child and not to be harsh on them and DPSG teachers make sure to understand the psychology of each child, connect with the parents and agreeably give students time to work on themselves. Optimistic approach by the teachers no matter how varied is the behavior patterns in the class can make each student of the school performs its finest.

*This article is posted by Ms. Madhvi Vyas, an M.A. in Literature from Xavier’s College. She is a teaching faculty in DPSG Sushant Lok, teaching grades 4-8. 

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