Mathematics – Make More Fun for Kids

Make Math More Fun for Kids

Mathematics – Make More Fun for Kids (PC – Google Images)

Mathematics is one subject which brings chills to your kid’s spine. Students run into a fever when it is a math test the next day. They have loss of appetite when they are asked to finish their homework by themselves. Your kids go crazy when they have to figure their all out with the textbooks of the subject math. Kids will have different reasons to get away from the subject math.

I personally never liked mathematics. There used to be a time when I used to break in perspiration when I had to solve simple multiplications. Many times, I don’t even count the changes I get back from the shopkeeper, thinking I will embarrass myself counting them wrong. It is about time that I get away from such dreadful thing.

However, being a parent or a teacher, it is your responsibility for your child not to feel like this. It will be extremely weird for them too, if they stand in front of the shopkeeper with a blank face and the changes in their hand, not knowing what to do with them. That is why after speaking to a few of my math teachers and my dad who is a genius with numbers; I came down to making few points that might help you have fun with the subject while teaching your child. Let’s try to make the subject less of a horror and more of a friendly one to them.

How can you make mathematics fun?

Roll the Dice

Dice are one of the magical cute little things that can be used in so many ways when it comes to Math. Whether you are practicing multiplication or using it for subtractions, dice are so much fun to learn math. Ask your student/child to create their own math problems using the dice.

Try Math Bingo

Who doesn’t love Bingo? It is one of the most loved games among the children. The best part about it is you can play with any number of children. You can also make up your own bingo and play with your kids and have fun with the numbers.

Try Regular Board Games as Math Games

How amazing, eh? Use regular board games as a key use to math game. Play Yahtzee which is quite an easy game to play. Just roll a dice, and ask one of your students to ask another student a math question based on the number that they roll. You may play Uno as well likewise. Have your students add, subtract, divide, or multiply the number based on the card number.

Puzzle Puzzled

Sudoku is one of the best math games you can play or ask your students to play. It is a great way to learn the tricks of math and it helps in concentration and patience. Assign a puzzle or Sudoku to your students every day. There are so many math puzzle games available these days. Parents, however, are advised to keep a tab on the kids, that they only use the math game app and no other game apps.

Treasure Hunt

Get ready to become the favorite math teacher in the school. Arrange a treasure hunt for the students at the schools! The scavenger hunt is quite famous anyway. Just add the word MATH in front of the two-word game. One clue leading to another clue and then another and then to the final lead, only adds fun to the math scavenger hunt for the students. Offer a prize to the game to get a quick revert, add a bonus prize for extra effort put by the students for a revert.

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