How Can A Teacher Decrease Classroom Distractions?

Nowadays, there are many distractions in a classroom and students aren’t able to concentrate in the class because of wayward students which result in poor marks or grades in school. Often, advice given during lectures looks at violent pupils or more extreme behavior; however, it can be the low-level disruptions that can have a high impact on the learning atmosphere within the classroom.


There is every solution to a problem.

In the same way, there are many solutions for reducing the distractions in the class. There are many minute things that can distract the student and disrupt the teacher’s lessons. Teachers should ask questions in the class so that the students don’t feel sleepy and would find the lecture interesting. Teachers shouldn’t raise their voice in classrooms as it cannot solve the problem. Talking softly might be effective.

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The presence of a teacher is very important. They should move around in the class and not led the child or pair to distract. They should be talking to them about their task and give them deadlines or homework for the same. After they should move to other child and they should make sure that they come back to other children too. Teachers should say child’s name for examples which will never lead them to distract.


The teachers should give 5-6 minutes breaks so that children can refresh themselves and can understand the topic or lecture going on in the class. They should use low-level disruptions positively instead of shouting and yelling at them. The teacher should share their expectations with the children and encourage them that he can do better in the field. The teachers should have a calm outlook and if the teacher is feeling annoyed he should flick through the assessing pupil progress (APP) sheets or walk away from the situation to calm himself down before returning.

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