TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION by Gurleen Kaur (Class XI Student)


Since I am an aspirant to study my college degree overseas, and I have been researching on the same for quite some time now – I am going to share some of the findings here which appeared pretty lucrative to me from a learner’s point of view.

Technology: Integral Part of Learning

Technology has become an integral part of learning right from junior levels up to the higher ones. It ushers in the primary fundamental changes that are structural in nature and has become an imperative part as far as the efficiency and productivity are concerned.

Technology infuses the learning centers with digital platforms such as computers, handheld devices, digital boards for displays that expand course offerings, experiences, and learning materials that support learning 24*7, 7 days a week and builds 21st-century skills, enhances students engagement as well as motivation and accelerates learning.
The technology basically develops a strong connection between the teachers and the students where the models, patterns and digitized content are shared sign pupils and also enhances their own mode of instruction and personalize the teaching and learning process. It also saves a lot of costs on the part of teaching side by instructional materials or content delivery and better time utilization is of the essence here.

Pay Attention, Please!

One more thing I would like to bring to attention is the level of flexibility that technological advancement has provided us. Teachers and students both can blend in a perfect mix of online and traditional teaching methods which provides both of them a great sense of flexibility in order to provide them opportunities to learn in many more spheres as it is expected and also students can pursue their own activities for their overall development in their career path.

Use of technology in the curriculum these days has the potential to improve educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning, taking advantage of learning outside of school hours, reducing the cost of instructional materials and better utilization of teaching time.

This article is shared by a student, Gurleen Kaur of class XI A, who aims for higher studies abroad. 

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